Activation of a new service: Tecno Piemonte provides its qualified personnel for the role of Asbestos Manager


The environmental laboratory of Tecno Piemonte S.p.A. has qualified personnel to carry out the activity of Responsible for the control and coordination of maintenance activities of materials containing asbestos and editor of maintenance and control plans, according to Ministerial Decree 06/09/1994, in all regions of Italy (excluding Liguria and Marche).

Italy, in 1992, was the first nation of the European Community to ban the use, production and import of asbestos, but, even today, the presence of such material in Italian buildings is high and its management remains a very current and important topic.

The Piedmont Region, among the most virtuous in asbestos field, with the D.G.R. 13-4341 of 12th December 2016 regulated the process of training and qualification of professionally adequate personnel to perform the role of “Asbestos Manager”, as described by Ministerial Decree 06/09/1994: this figure, whose appointment is mandatory by law in case of possession of asbestos containing manufact (ACM), it joins that of the owner/employer in the management of the asbestos dossier, the mapping of the ACMs, the subsequent assessment of the state of conservation (through regional indices or international indexes, as eg VERSAR), to the possible reclamation and to the relationship with environmental bodies and managers involved in the planned activities.

The environmental laboratory of Tecno Piemonte SpA, already qualified by the Ministry of Health and Accredited for the analysis of asbestos (SEM, FTIR and PCOM methods), with more than 15 years of experience, provides qualified professionals for the activity of Responsible Asbestos, thus providing a complete management package, both for the coordination of activities and for the execution of the necessary laboratory analyzes.

For information and quotes, contact:

– Dr. Irene Sberna, Environment Laboratory Manager

– Dott. Alberto Pedullà, laboratory technician and qualified personnel as Asbestos Manager, according to D.M. 06/09/1994