Asbestos and Man-made Vitreous Fibres

Tecno Piemonte spa is  approved by the Ministry of Health  and accredited by ACCREDIA  for the laboratory analysis of asbestos.. In particular, it performs:

  • Analisi Qualitative Analysis (Presence/Absence) on all matrices  (roofs, panels, insulation, land, waste, water) using optical microscopy, followed, where necessary, by scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDS) 
  • Quantification of airborne respirable fibres  using Optical Microscopy (Min. Decree 06/09/1994 Annex 2A)
  • Quantification of asbestos fibres and airborne man-made vitreous fibres using SEM-EDS (Min. Decree 06/09/1994 Annex 2B)
  • Quantification of asbestos in soils, waste, sludge and sediments using SEM-EDS (Min. Decree 06/09/1994 Annex 1B)
  • Classification of man-made vitreous fibres  (glass fibres, rock wool, glass wool…) on the basis of the percentage of alkaline and alkaline-earth oxides contained and the geometric mean diameter of the fibres measured using SEM-EDS.

Other possible fields of application:

  • Granulometric analysis and analytical morphological study  of airborne particulate matter.
  • Microstructural analysis and chemical characterization by  EDS microanalysis  of rocks and stone material, plaster, stucco and mortar, textile and polymeric fibres, ceramics and terracotta, glass, metals; photomicrograph and morphological analysis.

The personnel in the Environment Laboratory at Tecno Piemonte SpA are trained and qualified as  Officers for the control and coordination of the maintenance of materials containing asbestos and drafters of maintenance and control plans, pursuant to Min. Decree 06/09/1994, in all regions of Italy (excluding Liguria and Marche).

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The image of the asbestos fibres (Crocidolite) was produced by the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in the environmental laboratory at Tecno Piemonte