The future also starts here: students visit the Tecno Piemonte laboratories

On the afternoon of Friday 23 March, the Lenta site had the pleasure of welcoming students from classes 3F and 4F on the Construction, Environment and Territory course (former Surveyors) at the Istituto Cavour in Vercelli.

The tour, part of the alternating school-work scheme, enabled students to experience first-hand the world of work. Accompanied by professors Diego Petrucci, Massimo Landini and Federica Lopriore, the students visited the Tecno Piemonte test laboratories, where our technicians illustrated the various specific activities and, in some cases, students were able to watch the tests being carried out.

Morena Bertuol, school supervisor, described the event: “It was truly a pleasure to visit your company due to the kindness and helpfulness shown by everyone we met. For the students, it was certainly a very useful experience; they had already seen some equipment used and the materials studied in their textbooks, but what you see in person is easier to remember and for longer, especially if explained with passion and enthusiasm.”