Big success in Lenta for the Tecno Piemonte Technical Seminar – Ance Biella Giovani

Big numbers at the Technical Seminar ‘TOWARDS INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE BUILDING’, held on 24 October in Lenta (VC) by the Associazione Ance Biella Giovani in collaboration with the Tecno Piemonte SpA, with the patronage of the Register of Engineers of the Province of Biella and with the participation of the Register of Architects of the Province of Biella, Register of Industrial Experts of the provinces of Biella and Vercelli and College of Surveyors of Biella.

The seminar dealt with many topics illustrating the mandatory requirements and providing concrete examples of the recent regulations applied to the construction and environmental sectors, outlining a complex and recently evolving regulatory framework.

This event began with the new EU Directives on the circular economy with the use of natural and recycled materials, a summary of the End Of Waste with Min. Decree 69/2018 for milled asphalt and the environmental provisions on excavated earth and rocks as by-products, without forgetting discussion on the CE marking of construction products, NTC 2018 and Application Circular 2019 and Tests and Controls on Building Materials and Existing Structures and Buildings, and ended with a Technical Tour of the Tecno Piemonte Test Laboratories.

This experience gave the participants, including in the delicate area of professional liability, the technical tools useful from the design to the controls of construction products, from the completion of the work to testing, in compliance with the environmental context.

“I would add that, for my part, as a business owner originally from Biella, – pointed out Mr Marcello Guelpa, President of Tecno Piemonte Spa, – I would be very grateful if together we managed to send to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport an important and unambiguous signal shared by all the professional categories concerned, who operate in our region.”.

The conference is part of a programme of professional updating events pursued by Tecno Piemonte Spa, in response to the requests for more in-depth information based on the needs of associates.